The following are edits I have made of photos taken of myself.

The lighting, styling, editing, and backdrop setup were all done by myself. I’m really proud of these photos. I’ve been modeling for over seven years now, and it has become second nature to me.

All shot for my Depop shop.

First Outdoor Shoot

To test my new camera, a Nikon D5300, I went to Ramapo Res with my good friend again, Jasmine! So Jasmine goes to FIT and is my most stylish friend y’all, like she serves LEWKS! We set up by the lake and got some really nice photos. I am feeling more confident in Lightroom now and these didn’t take long to edit at all because I shot everything clean and crisp, leaving more room for being creative in post.


Studio Setup At Home

These are all different edits. I am still learning on Lightroom and this was my first time using it to edit. Model is my good friend, Jasmine. Used my old NikonD3200! I did the best with what I had, and being on the other side of the camera is definitely harder to instruct people to model. I am used to modeling and posing on my own, of course with some feedback from photographers to adjust. I suppose I am not comfortable yet with instructing specific poses, and would rather have the model give me their feelings at that moment. Enjoy, cheers.