Late Show With Stephen Colbert Feature

Last year, my Emmys red carpet gallery was featured during the “Meanwhile” segment on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Though the late show host thought one of the syndicated radio stations’ DJs did the commentary, it was really cool to have my harsh fashion criticisms talked about by my fellow New Jersey resident. Colbert’s “Emergency Clap-Back” edition in retaliation to my critiques on his show’s writers was hilarious. A part of me was glad he didn’t just call me out, but that would have been my claim to 5 minutes of fame.

The Mighty Ducks reboot gets quackin’ with new trailer

The Mighty Ducks 1992 hit film gets revamped with the long-awaited new series hitting Disney+ this March. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is a 10-episode series, with Emilio Estevez returning as coach Gordon Bombay, with new faces to the franchise Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Brady Noon.

The opening for the trailer shows a young coach telling our protagonist Evan Morrow that he has been cut from the Ducks, saying, “If you can’t be great at hockey, it’s like, don’t bother.” This sentiment on how cutthroat youth sports culture can be is challenged by Lauren Graham, who plays Evan’s mom Alex. She says, “I want you to think about all the other kids who have been told they’re too small or too slow. They just want to get out there and play! Let’s start our own team! All we need is an ice rink.”

Lauren Graham Evan Morrow The Mighty Ducks Game Changers disney

Although this is a kid’s series, if you grew up watching The Mighty Ducks, it will be fun for the whole family to watch together. It will be interesting to see what similarities and new adaptations from this new chapter to the old.

The Mighty Ducks 1992 Disney

In the 1992 film, Emilio Estevez plays a hotshot trial attorney by the name of Gordon Bombay, who gets sentenced a unique community service assignment: coaching a hapless group of peewee hockey players into champions. In the new trailer, he emerges onto the rink, called The Ice Palace and asks, “Are you lost? ‘Cause if you’re looking to rent skates, that’s up front.” With the help of Gordon Bombay, they rediscover the joys of playing just for the love of the game.

Emilio Estevez The Mighty Ducks Gordon Bombay

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers was originally announced to begin development in 2018, with filming scheduled to start in February 2020. This was delayed due to COVID-19 and was pushed to August 2020 once British Columbia unions made a deal with cast and crew members getting tested.

Mullet Mania: 10 Best Modern Mullets

To think that we would live to see a comeback of mullets, but alas, mullets have unexpectedly made it’s way back into mainstream during the coronavirus pandemic – with a modern twist. It seems the “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle is continuing to gain popularity, due to its “gender-neutral” appeal. The modern mullet’s sides and top are kept at longer lengths, blending smoother to the back, as opposed to the classic mullet’s very tight sides and exaggerated long back. The modern mullet is less drastic, more edgy, and fashionable, resembling a shag look in most cases. Celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Maisie Williams, Zac Efron, are all donning the mullet trend.

Here are some of the 10 Best Modern Mullets, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself getting a variation of the chop!

  • Blake Shelton Mullet Gwen Stefani The Voice celebrity haircuts
  • Zendaya Euphoria Mullet celebrity haircuts
  • Zac Efron Mullet Australia celebrity haircuts
  • Maisie Williams Game of Thrones Mullet celebrity haircuts
  • Stranger Things Dacre Montgomery Mullet Billy Hargrove celebrity haircuts
  • Billie Eilish Mullet celebrity haircuts
  • Brad Pitt Mullet celebrity haircuts
  • Keke Palmer Mullet celebrity haircuts
  • Rihanna mullet celebrity haircuts
  • Miley Cyrus Mullet Billy Ray Cyrus celebrity haircuts

Some people are not fans of the mullet and probably wish they stayed dead. For example, Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco absolutely hates her husband Karl Cook’s self-cut mullet, captioning “I don’t remember saying ‘in sickness and health oh and mullets’.”


The following are edits I have made of photos taken of myself.

The lighting, styling, editing, and backdrop setup were all done by myself. I’m really proud of these photos. I’ve been modeling for over seven years now, and it has become second nature to me.

All shot for my Depop shop.