How to Go From Day to Night Makeup

During the day, we like to put on a fresher, natural face compared to night time looks. Some simple contouring and highlighting, with mascara and brows suffice for a classic daytime look.

Adding a lipstick color of your choice, depending on your mood and season can easily spice up your daytime look without looking too harsh for the faint of heart. People will notice you put in effort to look clean and fab, even more so with a pop of color on your lips!

Now for the night prowlers, you don’t need to take off your day makeup and start over! Rather, add to your existing face makeup and rework what you’ve got. Start by applying a dark lip color to transition to a nighttime look instantly. Attract attention to your eyes by applying either a bright and bold look, or go classic with a sultry, smoky eye.

Apply another few layers of highlight so that you can gleam for the gods in low lighting and shine(literally) in photos. The beauty of makeup is that you can mix colors together to create more dimension and show off your look best.

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