Chrome on the Dome

It seems as if every year, there is a new nail trend. From metallic to sand, to stilleto and coffin-shaped nails, the nail industry never ceases to come out with new textures, colors, and shapes. This year, chrome and holographic nails have made a big splash in a big way. Celebrities and make-up artists have donned the chrome nails, making people want to know how they can get their next fill-in to look as glam.

The chrome nails are unlike any other polish or top coat I have come across. From the finish to the application of the chrome to nail itself, this trend is unique in its own way. You start off getting a regular fill-in, with a gel color of your choice. Keep in mind that the color you choose will give your chrome topping added dimension.

Once your fill-in is finished, your nail tech will apply the chrome color of your choice. Every option is different from the next, and it’s quite mesmerizing. The chrome colors look like loose powder glitter, in which is dabbled by an eyeshadow applicator. An eyeshadow applicator?! Yes, as odd as it looks when it comes to nail application, the soft sponged tip of the applicator is ideal to distribute the product onto your nails. A little dip is all that is needed to coat your entire nail. It is rubbed in with the eyeshadow applicator and voila! Chrome reflective badassery!

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