Bathing for Your Modern Witchy Woman


Witch Baby Soap got its start on October 13th three years ago. It is a witchy online bath company based in Kenilworth, New Jersey, that sells beauty products with an occult twist. Their products are made with crystals, magical herbs, and some are even infused under the full moon! And for the quality of the products you receive, you will be surprised to see their prices are more than affordable! Witchiness for everyone!

They create unique atmospheric scents that transport their customers to “sunny graveyards, overgrown gardens, and woodland paradises.” Every season has a different theme that they build a fragrant world around. Witch Baby Soap strives to make bathing a magical experience, and through their clever design and personalized scents, the company has become a hit, with over 112,000 Instagram followers. They have a steady buildup of die-hard witchy babes, who patiently await their restocks.

Tanya Calibuso, a customer of Witch Baby Soap, found out about the company through a YouTuber doing a review of the brand. After seeing that they got a positive review, she decided to check out their site to see what they had to offer. The aesthetics of the products reeled her in, and being vegan-friendly was an added bonus. She has tried almost all of their bath bombs, to no disappointment. Her fave is the Psychic Bath Bomb, because “it doesn’t stain my bath tub and it also has a lovely amethyst in the center,” along with glitter, lavender oil and yarrow.


Naomi Lynn, another customer, said what drew her to Witch Baby Soap was that they are cruelty-free and vegan, a must for Naomi. The website breaks down the ingredients in every product, as well as what these ingredients do to you spiritually. Her fave products are the Love Butter and Perfume because “the scent is like roses and apples and it’s just delicious.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.57.17 AM.png

Gina Pauling heard about Witch Baby Soap from her friend while they were shopping at Lush, a mainstream cosmetics company that is pricier and less personalized to their customers. Gina’s love of bath bombs and Halloween brought her to check out site. Some of her favorite bath bombs are Psychic, Blood & Milk, and Rune Stone. The Blood & Milk Bath Bomb smells like coconut and blood orange, while the Rune Stone is more earthy, with patchouli, ventiver, rose and lily.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.09.28 AM.png

This fall, Witch Baby Soap launched a few new bewitching products, including the Oracle Bath Bomb, Spirit Bath Potion, and Séance Hand Salve.


The Oracle Bath Bomb and the Séance Hand Salve will become permanent additions to the product line. Ask the Oracle a yes or no question and a note inside will give you the answer. It is a Ouija planchette-shaped bath bomb that has a fragrant funeral floral aroma of carnations and lillies.

The Spirit Bath Bomb embodies autumn with its blend of butterscotch, maple, pumpkin, apple, squash, and whole mum flowers.

Séance Hand Salve has a woodsy aroma, suitable for any gender. Infused with dandelion root, an herb used to attract the spirits of the dead, this magical salve awakens your inner spook!

Witch Baby Soap

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