Humans of Montclair


Robin Bach, Senior, Food Science and Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics

2016 Presidential Election; Which candidate do you support and why?

I’m gonna vote for Bernie.

I like everything he stands for, like he has good ideals for education, health care, the environment, you know like global warming. I don’t know, I just feel like, I mean, at first I was like let me vote for Hillary when I heard about her, because you know, woman president, blah blah blah. But honestly, like getting into it like she’s a fake bitch. Everything she talks about, she’s never, like, into before. Bernie has a consistent track record of everything he believes in and that shows that you’re legit. When, Hillary is like ‘let me get into this right now cause it will make me popular’. The more things I’m hearing about Hillary, the better she’s doing. But at the same time I don’t think she’s real. I think she’s fake and I don’t like that about her. Do I think that she would do a good job as president? Yeah. Am I a hundred percent positive she’s gonna do the things that I want? That I think are important? No… I don’t know if she’s gonna go ahead and be like ‘just kidding’.

He[Bernie] wants the middle class to become powerful again. We’re the people. He says we’re not the one percent, get the fuck out of here. I just feel so walked on, I’m losing my faith in this country. I don’t like being here. I don’t want to be an American. It’s not something you should be proud of. I just hope that if Bernie doesn’t get there,which he’s not even- like shit hasn’t even gotten real yet, but it’s not looking too great for him right now, but I’m gonna vote for him regardless. But if Hillary does win, I’m not gonna hate the world, but I really just wish she was just more into it her entire political career. I don’t know what she really thinks or what she wants to vote for. Does she really wanna do stuff for “women’s rights” or is she just doing that stuff now because that’s what everyone wants her to do cause she’s female. It’s just like, Bernie has walked for civil rights when that fucking movement was going on! He did things that make me want to vote for him, he’s just been real. It’s like, you’re not gonna hang out with somebody that you don’t even know thats a fucking poser, like you wanna hang out with somebody that has the same ideals as you. I feel more of a personal connection, I think, with Bernie.

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